3D woven textiles and
3D weaving system manufacture



Features of our 3D woven textiles

TOMI-TEX provides small-sized 3-D Fabrics on our 3-D weaving system.

1. High Delamination Resistance

Each layer of the fabric is joined by warp yarn and no delamination occurs.

2. Rigid Edges

Our 3-D Fabrics have one woven edge and one selvedge edge, preventing separation of both edges of the fabric.

3. Lower Cost

During weaving, weft yarn is continuously inserted between warp yarn without being cut at both edges of the fabric, which saves waste of yarn and labor of yarn exchange. Also, each layer is joined by warp yarn only without another vertical yarn. Consequently, any stitch process is not required during weaving.

4. Multiple weft insertion

Two kinds of weft yarn can be inserted respectively from left and right sides of the fabric. For example, "carbon 3K from left and 12k from right", "carbon fiber from left and glass fiber from right". Moreover, you can use double weft insertion at left and right sides. Thus, it is possible to use maximum four kinds of weft yarn in one fabric.