3D woven textiles and
3D weaving system manufacture


weaving system

In fact, how do the weaving?

Our 3-D fabrics are produced by TOMI-TEX 3-D weaving system.
The system includes three devices ;

1. Weaving device

Electric control of warp and weft yarn motion realizes various 3-D weaving patterns and thicker fabrics. Weft yarn is continuously inserted between warp yarn without being cut until it is used up. Therefore, the productivity is much better than conventoinal looms such as a shuttle loom or a rapier loom. The beating-up function contributes to increase Vf of the fabric. Applicable fabric size is max. width 75mm × thickness 50mm × length endless.

2. Pulling out device

After woven, the fabric is pulled out by the device. It pulls the fabric out in a straight line without rolling so that the fabric can remain its 3-D shape.

3. Cutting device

Soon after the specified length is pulled out, the fabric is cut automatically by the device.